Saliman Mojaddidi and Aylin Bayramoglu working with Ryan Jeffrey Quist …


Saliman Mojaddidi and Aylin Bayramoglu working with Ryan Jeffrey Quist …

Saliman Mojaddidi and Aylin Bayramoglu working with Ryan Jeffrey Quist ...

ITS BEEN FIGURED OUT!! The mystery!! No more!!
Saliman Mojaddidi aka Sym Young sent message to Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka SlurpyDogPussy and now aka SlurpyHorsePussy and the message was sent to and and text to 916-705-1643
Dude this bit** is a freak!!
Who in the hell is this bit** Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka SlurpyDogPussy at Strategies For Change or WellSpace Health in Sacramento ?

And the husband Ryan Jeffrey Quist he is a CREEP AS WELL!!

Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka SlurpyDogPussy is a Racist Bigot and Dog Fuc*** and and and ANDDDD Jillian kinks out Makenna Quist and Allison Quist names in role play porn and has them fu***** daddy Ryan Jeffrey Quist and daddy pounding all fu** holes in role play daddy daughter kink incest role play porn and now is even saying to Rape me and saying it as thou she is Makenna and Allison so really she is having daddy Ryan Jeffrey Quist raping Makenna Quist and Allison Quist !! Wtf is wrong with this lady! Jillian was convicted of bestiality in 2019 for fu***** dogs while pregnant with Beau Thomas and Jillian Prostitutes using the name Vanna Sweets in Sacramento and the Bay Area San Francisco.

Category: Abuse Added: 2021-09-15 01:32:28 Year: 2021 Country: United States State: CA City: Sacramento ZIP: 95678

Published at Wed, 15 Sep 2021 15:0:1 GMT

One thought on “Saliman Mojaddidi and Aylin Bayramoglu working with Ryan Jeffrey Quist …

  1. That is 100% accurate and Saliman Mojaddidi and Ryan Jeffrey Quist snitched on Red & White and we need to SUPPORT 81 and get this out there!! Aylin Bayramoglu and Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones worked with Saliman and Ryan as well and those 2 ladies need to see the day of reckoning as well along with Saliman and Ryan! Get this out and let the HAMC Support Club 81 know stat because days are numbered for these cats as they know it!!
    Handle it.

    Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones is at Strategies For Change in Sacramento

    I saw this on another board abt this lady so posting it on these snitch boards. This chick has lore for days!! First saw her on ifunny and the iFunnyFanaticS love her. They try and figure it all out and the consensus is it’s Ryan Jeffrey Quist because we know from what Jillian SlurpyDogPussy has said on videos it’s her Husband STINKS TINYTINYWORTHLESSONE CUCKOLD WORTHLESS BITCHDICK WHO WANTED JILLIAN TO FUCK ALL HIS BLACKB FRIENDS AND TAKE THE BLACK COCK AND THE WHOLE REDROOF DEALINGS AND JILLIAN ALSO SAID IT WAS RYAN WHO GOT HER Fucking with dogs back in middle school but he didn’t really start puting the dog dick in her until high school and since then it’s been crazy roughshod everywhere all dogs all cities and it’s been quite the adventure she said so he wants her to fuck his friends fuck dogs and pretty much just be a complete and utter whore so there you have it she’s a Prostitute and using the name Vanna Sweets and She’s a SlurpyDogPussy and she KINKS MAKENNA and ALLISON QUIST and Ryan QUIST is thEGREATHYMENREMIVALIST and AND he does the daddy daughter and he’s going to kINK THIS AND KINK that off so yeah those girls who knows if they even exist no one’s even seen them obviously THIS IS ALL INTERNET TROLL SHIT TO KEEP US ALL ENTERTAINED OR WHAT NOT Because in reality we don’t know shit we don’t even know if Jillian exist he’s a real person we don’t know if Ryan exist we don’t know if MAKENNA existi OR anybody exist it’s all bullshit we’ve all kind of looked into it a little bit but you don’t really know FOR SURE UNKESS YOU KNOW THEM personally and how can you know them personally if they don’t even exist so anyways it’s all just a rumor mill and to keep everything going fun and games shits and giggles that’s it that’s all.CIAO This bitch Fucks dogs!! Low end prostitute who usually has to pay tricks to fuck her fat sloppy dogged out pussy and yeah she did win the ROCKIN CONTEST BUT IT was put on for the dogs and the dogs were the judges of it I’m thinking! Google SLURPYDOGPUSSY AND READ ALL ABOUT HER!! IM TALKING SHES SO LOW SHE POST ON CRAIGSLIST FOR DOGS TO FUCK HER AND JILLIAN KINKS HER OWN DAUGHTERS IN INTERNET PORN ROLE PLAY. MAKENNA QUIST IS LIKE A PORN STAR NOW!! Jillian SAYS SHE HAS NO DAUGHTERS NO KIDS NOW BECAUSE SHE LIKES TO TAKE BATHS WITH DOGS AND LIKES HER CHILDREN TO TAKE GROWN MAN DICK IN ROLE PLAY. AND YES TAKE BATHS WITH DOGS!! HOLY SH**!! HOW LOW DO YOU HAVE TO BE TO TAKE BATHS WITH DOGS AND SUCK DOG DICK FUCKIN LOW!! So this lady violates dogs and children and the eldety and then on top of all that is a Racist Bigot as well!!?? How did all this happen? I live in Sacramento and this lady makes me feel a tad uneasy to be hones BUT STILL BEEN FOLLOWING HER AND TOTALLY ENAMORED WITH HER AND TO BE HONEST ITS BECUZ I FUCKED HER AS THATS HOW WE MET On ESCORT SITE REDBOOK MANY YEARS AGO AND SHES AMAZING IN BED AND FUCKING GOES THE COMPLETE EXTRA MILE AS SHE GOES ALL DICKS ALL CITIES ALLWAYS ALL HOLES ALL DAY EVERYDAY ALWAYS NO DAYS OFF AND HELL WILL EVEN DO THAT REAL KNKY SHIT IF YOU ARE INTO THAT AS SHE HAS NO PROBLEM KINKING OUT HER OWN DAUGHTERS NAMES IN PORN VIDEOS OR LOVES making craigslist post and making a video of her posting the video and will video the whole thing as she post and as she meets the dogs and the master and the whole sexual encounter with the dogs and the whole 9 as in K9. She loves her dog and fucks them like crazy and she’s game totally down as she’s one of a kind definitely I would pay a visit to her because she’ll blow your fucking mind and your cock!! But I’m still Leary of her so I mainly just follow her videos and blogs and the iFunnyfanatics who started giving her all the attention and created the tag line for her- TheWhoreNeedsMoreLore and now Jillian LeAnn Quist Jones aka SlurpyDogPussy has more LORE THAN ANYONE GOING ON THE INTERNET AS JUST GOOGLE SLURPYDOGPUSSY AND YOU WILL SEE. She on a Nationwide KinkFest Tour now and blowing up with Sym Young as Saliman Mojaddidi at Sym Young Productions knows how to get a girl like her marketed and the content lately is crazy good!!


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