Portland Police Riot Cops’ Names and Numbers Revealed Finally


Portland Police Riot Cops’ Names and Numbers Revealed Finally

Portland Police Riot Cops' Names and Numbers Revealed FinallyPortland's riot cops have been operating with anonymity for the most part until now. Yesterday local lawyer Alan Kessler outed the identities of Portland Police officers assigned to the bureau's Rapid Response Team with a tweet that includes the numbers they wore in an effort to keep their identities a secret. These officers have been caught on camera countless times using excessive force against most peaceful Antifa and Black Lives Matter activists during civil rights protests. Those names and numbers are as follows:

1. Nathan Banfi
2. Cameron Smith
3. Justin Damerville
4. Onest Robert
5. John Young
6. Chuck Elam
7. Joey Yoo
8. Rachel McDonald
9. Thomas Bush
11. Madison Ceaser
12. Brent Taylor
13. Christopher Sathoff
14. Lino Pavon
15. Jeff Baratta
16. Lia Kanable
18. John Bartlett
19. Franz Schoening
20. James De Anda
22. Craig Lehman
23. Mike Pool
24. Brian Galego
25. Joshua Dyk
26. Jade Lowery
27. Brian Wheeler
28. Shay Samora
29. Christina Gericke
30. Shanley Bianca
31. John Oliphant
32. Jarred Abby
33. Brianne Paisley
35. Mark Kelly
36. Zachary Domka
37. Corey Budworth
38. Ross Scott
39. Cody Kuntz
40. Trevor Middleton
42. Spencer Parry
44. Ariel Livingston
45. Kristin Morgan
46. Amy Li
47. Tim Giles
48. Jason Wands
49. Dustin Barth
51. Michelle Petty
52. Heidi Kries
53. Brian Chaco
54. Todd Trapp
55. David Browning
56. Michael Terrett
57. Kerri Ottoman
58. Ken Le
59. Derek Harris
60. Alexandra Ross
61. Nikolay Hristov
62. Nathan Jones
63. Kyle Dooley
64. Kyle Green
65. Amelia Flohr
66. Andrew Braun
67. Erik Kammerer
68. Andrew Kofoed
70. Kenneth Bent
71. Nicholas Bianchini
72. Rick Stainbrook
73. DeAndre Amos
74. Ryan Potter
75. Spencer Schaaf
76. Rachel Baer
77. Mark Duarte
78. Casey McLeod
79. London Westerlund
80. Joseph Bernard
81. Daniel
82. David Bryant
83. Adi Ramie
84. Jeff Niiya

We don't know why some fields are missing or redacted. We also don't who is responsible for the redactions. If you know of any names missing from this list please post them in the comments section below. If you want to help improve the visibility of this page when people search the internet for the names of these officers please post a link to this page on your website and/or social media pages. #alankessler #twitter #antifa #blacklivesmatter #civilrights
Published at Wed, 20 Oct 2021 16:16:59 GMT

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