Police Chief and Officer in Hamilton, Ga., Caught on Body-Cam Footage Being Disgustingly Racist


Police Chief and Officer in Hamilton, Ga., Caught on Body-Cam Footage Being Disgustingly Racist

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It’s frequently said that modern video technology has helped expose the truth of the racism in America that Black people have long said is endemic, especially in institutions like policing.

The latest evidence of this comes in the form of recently released body camera footage of two officers from the Hamilton Police Department in Georgia—one of whom was the Chief of Police—liberally using the n-word, talking about how good Black people had it under slavery, and repulsively speculating about whether they would rather have sex with Stacey Abrams or Atlanta Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms.

The video footage of the vile conversation between Chief Gene Allmond and patrolman John Brooks was captured amid the Black Lives Matter protests that spread across the country last year and recently obtained by WTVM News.


It begins with the two cops talking about the virtues of shooting or tasing “niggers,” and then transitions into them talking about Bottoms’ political future and how she treats police officers accused of misconduct.

But, as is typical of racists who hate Black people, the cops reveal that their bigoted disdain is really powered by a creepy obsession because they immediately move to talking about which politically visible Black women in Georgia they would have sex with.

“If I had to fuck a nigger, I’d rather fuck the mayor than Stacey Abrams,” says the officer wearing the camera, to which the chief responds, “Yessir.”

Apart from being patently disgusting, the suggestion that either of these revolting men would be privileged enough to have anything to do with Abrams or Bottoms is so absurd that it doesn’t bear thinking about. That is until you realize these boors were actually empowered and paid to be law enforcement in a city whose population is over 30 percent Black.


After the nasty talk, the officers then go on to pontificate over another favorite topic of racists: how lucky Black people were to be enslaved.

They have a good laugh as Brooks’ reminisces about people in his family lineage who were slave owners, then the chief complains that Black people are no longer made to work for white people like in the good ole days.


“It seems to me like they furnished them a house to live in. They furnished them clothes to put on their back. They furnished them food to put on their table and all they had to do was fucking work. And now we give ‘em all those things and don’t have to fucking work,” Allmond says.

Apparently the two men thought the body camera wasn’t working at the time. City attorney Ron Iddins told WTVM that the six-minute long video was discovered after the device was checked for faults and was instead found to have a full memory of recordings.


Hamilton Mayor Pro-Tem Ransom Farley, who is a Black man, brought the video to the attention of other city officials.

“I couldn’t—and I could at the same time—believe what I heard,” Farley said to WTVM, adding that he found the video disgusting.


After viewing the video, city officials told the two men they would have to resign their jobs with the police department or be fired. Allmond has since resigned, while Brooks was fired. Ideally they’ll go on some sort of “do-not-hire” list, but as far as I know, no such list exists for racist cops in the USA.

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