Deputies Jon Burnett and Marco Reyes are NOT Doctors!

Deputies Jon Burnett and Marco Reyes are NOT Doctors!

Multnomah County Sheriff’s Deputies Jon Burnett and Marco Reyes are not doctors, so why were they overruling a doctor when it came to treatment of an inmate’s broken arm? That is a good question that I have yet to hear a legitimate answer to. In 2017 they took me to Oregon Health Sciences University (OHSU) from the Multnomah County Detention Center (MCDC) for a follow up. I had previously sustained a broken left humerus when Deputy Timothy Barker intentionally twisted my arm until the bone snapped into two pieces. Deputies were told to bring me back within a week and that translated to five weeks. When I finally got my follow up the doctor said that there was still a chance that my arm would not heal crooked. The doctor then tried to give me a sarmiento brace but Deputies Burnett and Reyes stopped her.

They told the doctor that I could not have the brace that I needed in the jail just because it contained metal. So apparently someone decided that these deputies are better qualified to determine the medical needs of inmates than a doctor. It is not uncommon for inmates to be given medical equipment that contains metal. Walkers and canes are good examples. Both of those things can be used as weapons far easier than a brace. Yet, for whatever reason I would only be allowed to bring a sling back to the jail. That sling obviously was not enough to keep my arm from healing crooked because it is still crooked.

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