Tell Us About Police Misconduct in New Jersey

Tell Us About Police Misconduct in New Jersey

As a reporter at the Asbury Park Press, I’ve spent years investigating the ways New Jersey fails to hold police officers accountable. My stories have exposed cops using excessive force, bias against female recruits and the dangers of police car chases. Journalists at other media outlets have also highlighted serious problems.

The state attorney general imposed several police reforms to address some of the issues. But abuses by the police persist, and I’m trying to understand the problems on a deeper level. So this year I’m partnering with ProPublica to tap into the nonprofit investigative outlet’s expertise and resources.

I need your help. Please complete the form below if you know about police misconduct in New Jersey or how it’s allowed to continue.

We know that the majority of police officers take their jobs and the public trust seriously, but we’ve also seen the damage that can be caused by bad cops. In recent months, cops have been accused of corruption, sexual misconduct, abusing “off duty” or “extra duty” assignments and retaliating against a community member who filed a formal complaint. I’m interested in learning more about these types of issues. I’m also trying to understand the role of police unions and other behind-the-scenes power players that may be impeding discipline.

I am hoping to talk to community members, police officers, public employees and others who can steer me in the right direction. Thank you for your help guiding my reporting.

OUR COMMITMENT TO YOUR PRIVACY: We appreciate you sharing your story, and we take your privacy seriously. We are gathering these stories for the purposes of our reporting. You can also email us at to reach our reporting team, or text me on Signal at 732-586-8776.

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