U.S. Probation Tells Oregon Supervisees Not To Report if Sick

U.S. Probation Tells Oregon Supervisees Not To Report if Sick

The United States Probation Office (USPO) for the District of Oregon issued a coronavirus alert this afternoon directing all federal parolees and supervisees not to come in if they are sick and to tell their probation officer immediately. I know this because I am on federal supervision and I received the notice at 1:33 this afternoon while I was at OHSU for a follow up on my previously broken arm (see my last post where I uploaded my old x-ray before I left for the appointment.” The complete email that I received read as follows:

From: ers_ens[at]ao.uscourts.gov

Subject: U.S. Probation Coronavirus Alert


Please do not respond to this message

Important message from US Probation Services, Oregon District

Coronavirus Alert If you or anyone at home is sick do not report to US Probation contact your PO immediately

—-end of message—-

Is it possible that law enforcement in Oregon might care more about the greater good than just doing their jobs? Is this a step in the right direction. I would have expected them to tell anyone claiming to be sick not to think of excuses and to report as ordered. Maybe now that doing the right think might keep them from getting killed by a global pandemic they finally realize that doing the right thing might be in their own best interest.

Note to self: Next time I don’t want the government to do something or want them to do something they don’t want to do, make them think they will die if they do not do it. Then they might do what I want.

UPDATE: The website for the United States District Court in Oregon still says that”At this time, there are no changes to normal court operations within the District of Oregon.” They have either failed to keep their website up to date or they do not consider the USPO part of normal court operations even though the USPO office in Portland is located in the federal courthouse.

Published at Thu, 12 Mar 2020 17:18:16 +0000

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