San Francisco lawyers claim police misconduct

San Francisco lawyers claim police misconduct

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) — Friday afternoon, attorneys for Dacari Spires, a San Francisco man, requested interim District Attorney Suzy Loftus criminally charge San Francisco police officers involved in what they say was an unprovoked attack on Oct. 6.

The attorneys claim Dacari Spires was on a date with his girlfriend at Fisherman’s Wharf when her wallet was stolen out of her purse. They claim while he was attempting to console her, he was “brutally attacked by several officers.”

Attorneys for Spires say that police were not there because they called them regarding the wallet.

“For all we know this was a case of mistaken identity or a rogue officer that thought Dacari was somebody else. We don’t know,” stated Attorney Curtis Briggs.

“He was beaten by billy clubs or batons numerous times — shattered his wrists, broke his tibia,” Michael Seville said. Seville is representing Spires as well. He says they are taking steps to file a formal civil rights lawsuit.

On Oct. 10 they filed a California Tort Claim Act, the City has 45 days to respond to it. If they do not respond then they will file the lawsuit in December.

Attorneys for Spires say that the beating left him wheelchair bound and he’s still in the hospital. Briggs claims on two occasions officers went to St. Francis Hospital to see Spires and “intimidate” him.

“Release the body cameras to us, to the public, to force these officers to give an explanation. I mean this is essentially a beating which is completely unjustified. Watch how Ms. Loftus handles the investigation of these police officers who tried to kill Dacari Spires,” Briggs said.

Attorneys for Spires claim he was struck “violently” with batons that landed Spires in the hospital.

Spires’ Attorney Curtis Briggs says Spires is physically and emotionally traumatized. They are holding a press conference to make sure Loftus “doesn’t do business as usual,” Briggs said.

He went on to say Spires is a “civil rights client that wants to bring a broader change.”

San Francisco Police Department released this statement on Friday:

The San Francisco Police Department is aware of the incident that occurred on the evening of October 6, 2019 at Powell and Beach Streets. The SFPD and the San Francisco District Attorney’s Office are conducting independent investigations into the incident. By policy the SFPD does not comment on open investigations.

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