Possible Police Surveillance Milford Liberty Gas Station

Possible Police Surveillance Milford Liberty Gas Station

An unsecured surveillance camera has been discovered outside the Milford Liberty gas station in Milford, Deleware. The camera can be accessed by anyone online at where you can select “camera control privileges” and start moving it around. Is this a police surveillance camera, the work of a private investigator, part of Milford Liberty’s security system, or something else?

The setup of the camera suggests that it is not part of the security system at Milford Liberty because it is obviously across the street from the gas station. This is clearly the work of someone that wants to keep a close eye on the station other than the station’s ownership. If you use Google Maps/Earth to look across the street where the camera is you see telephone poles and small houses. Then if you spin the camera around you can see the brick house immediately behind it. Obviously this camera is part of the above photo’d telephone pole.

Someone with the legal authority to put a camera like this on that telephone pole wants to keep an eye on this gas station for some reason. Who could it be? Federal agencies like the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) as well as Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) have both been in the news lately for installing cameras just like this one on telephone poles just like that one (https://qz.com/1458475/the-dea-and-ice-are-hiding-surveillance-cameras-in-streetlights/). Since the only preset option the camera has says “frontdoor” and focuses on the front door of the station when selected, one can conclude that this camera is not there to keep an eye on traffic at that intersection.

Now that the possibilities have been narrowed down enough to place blame for this camera on law enforcement it still does not answer the question, why is it there? We don’t know why it is there, but it could easily be for the kind of things described in the QZ article. It could be a DEA cam watching for drug deals, it could be an ICE cam looking for illegal aliens, or it could be some other local, state, or federal agency. One thing is sure, if you are at that gas station someone is watching you.

Published at Mon, 18 May 2020 20:22:11 +0000

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