Jason Lyle Pounall

Jason Lyle Pounall


“J.P.” or Jason. Active Police Asset




DT, East York, Annex, Lawrence Heights

Snitch Biography:

This person has been an asset for quite sometime now. He gets shuttled around in the back of a police minivan, that’s how they keep him safe and hidden. He never has his own money, always looking like he’s on edge. (Possibly high on coke/rock) In and out of the shelter system (possible bedbug risk) He may be using people as shelter in communities where there already is a known contact to keep information fresh. Apparently this rat is on the run because,

Facts that would question this informant’s credibility in court: Jason Lyle Pounall

owes child support to a woman in another province. Always quiet and never with a real address this rat is more than dangerous, be safe!

Physical Description:

Ethnicity/Race: Black (supposedly)
Height: 195cm
Weight: 70kg
Tattoos: skin too dark to be seen
Clothing Style: Thrift Store quality
Sexual Orientation: Straight

Social Media Links:

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One thought on “Jason Lyle Pounall

  1. I am Lyle pounall baby mother / mother of two of his children and we don’t talk much but for you to be racist and say he’s to dark to be seen or talking his business whether it’s true or not , which I don’t know cause I don’t talk to him much but he does not smoke Crack or do any drugs but smoke weed and who cares if he’s in and out of the shelter system is it your life or his ….. I was very young when I had my first two children and we were both immature and kids / regardless of his past or the things he battles ( like how everyone battles or struggles with something, doesn’t have to be drugs ) anyways stop talking bad bout the father of my children / my daughter is seeing all this what a great person u are !!!! Anyways don’t be racist or slander people on line , u obviously don’t like this guy for your own reasons so keep it that way !


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