State panel charges Wayne County judge Tracy Green with misconduct

State panel charges Wayne County judge Tracy Green with misconduct

Oralandar Brand-Williams
| The Detroit News

Judicial misconduct charges have been filed against Wayne County Circuit Court Judge Tracy Green, the Michigan Judicial Tenure Commission announced Tuesday.

Green, who has been on the court’s bench since early last year, is charged with several counts of judicial misconduct for an alleged coverup in connection with a case involving her son, Gary Davis- Headd, who was charged and convicted last year in a case involving his two sons.

The commission said between July 2014 and June 2018, she “was aware that on multiple occasions her son had been abusive to his then-wife, Katy Davis-Headd, by slapping her and choking her.”

The judge, the complaint adds, “was aware that her son was prone to abusive behavior” and was using strong and stern punishment as well as using a belt on his two sons, the judge’s two grandsons, who were under 11.

The 12-page complaint alleges that the judge was made aware of the abuse by the children and that she saw marks on one of the boy’s face that he told her had been inflicted by his father.

The commission alleges that “at least one time in 2016 or 2017, the judge saw her son hit the child on his face and chest while the judge was in the kitchen of her home.”

The judge, according to the complaint, was aware from 2015 through 2018 that her son was under a court order not to use corporal punishment on the children. The judge is accused of trying to “conceal” some of the abuse of the boys by putting makeup on their bruises, according to the complaint.

The commission alleges that “on four occasions” Green saw injuries on one of the boy’s face and that the child told her they were inflicted by his father.

Green is accused of making false statements about her knowledge of the abuse to the commission when asked about it. In the judge’s answer  Nov. 21, 2019, to the  commission’s questions, she stated, “I was, and remain, unaware of any alleged ‘abuse’ of my grandchildren by my son,” according to the complaint.

Green’s son was convicted of two counts of second-degree felony child abuse last year in Wayne County Circuit Court.

Green could not be reached for comment Tuesday. 

The judge has maintained that she has “done nothing wrong.”

“I am not on trial here,” the judge said during a parental termination hearing involving the boys in March 2019. “I stand by my previous testimony, and I pray my reputation for integrity and decency will speak for me.”

Elected in November 2018 to the circuit court’s family division, Green is now serving in the criminal division. She was an attorney for more than two decades. She is known for her work in reuniting parents with their children who were under foster care.

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