Stand for David Bowen! He Won’t Tolerate Civil Demonstrations

Stand for David Bowen! He Won’t Tolerate Civil Demonstrations

David Bowen’s petty write up of an inmate for kneeling in protest during stand up count was so stupid it did not survive review by the lieutenant. The purpose of stand up counts in BOP facilities is to make sure that the inmate is alive in his cell. Some places inmates actually stand and other places the guards just want to see you move so that they know you are not dead. At FCI Sheridan David Bowen seemed to be the only CO that tripped on inmates if they did not stand during standing count in the Special Housing Unit (SHU) during count. I would be sitting there at my desk working on my case only to be rudely interrupted by Bowen and his stupid request to stand up for him. Eventually I had enough and took knee just like Colin Kaepernick during the national anthem. Then when he told me to stand up again I stuck my fist in the air.

Some time later Lt. Shawn Brewton came to my window to serve me with an incident report written by Bowen. He thought it was so stupid that he tore it up. At least somebody at Sheridan knows how not to be a jerk. He asked me to stand from then on but at least he did not punish me for free speech. That is why Brewton is the guy in the image without a devil on his shirt. He is a good example of how correctional officers should act when the see bull shit from another officer.

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